Create barcode in ASP.NET video

In this video you’ll learn how to:

  • Download and install Barcode.dll barcode ASP.NET component.
  • Create new ASP.NET application that references Barcode.dll barcode ASP.NET component.
  • Configure barcode ASP.NET handler.
  • Darg & drop barcode web control.
  • Configure barcode web control.
  • Program barcode control through code.




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2 Responses to “Create barcode in ASP.NET video”

  1. phyu phyu thwe Says:

    I downloaded and installed Barcode.exe. But, in Vs 2010 , it doesn’t show barcode in toolbox.

  2. Limilabs support Says:


    Please Make sure that you have an opened project in your Visual Studio instance.
    Make sure that .NET framework (not client profile version) is selected as a target framework in your project properties.

    You can add Toolbox Items manually:
    1. On the Tools menu, click Choose Toolbox Items.
    2. Click Browse and find Barcode.dll installed in c:\Program Files\Limilabs\Barcode\Redistributables
    2. Find Barcode.dll on the “.NET Framework Components” tab
    3. Click OK.