Create Gmail url-ID via IMAP

This is Gmail link that points to certain conversation (entire thread):

“13216515baefe747” is the Gmail thread-ID in hex.

Here’s the code that:

  1. Selects “All Mail” folder
  2. Gets the newest message UID
  3. Obtains Gmail thread ID for this message (X-GM-THRID)
  4. Converts it to hex
  5. Creates the url that points to the Gmail conversation
// C# version

using (Imap client = new Imap())
    client.UseBestLogin("", "password");

    // Select 'All Mail' folder
    CommonFolders common = new CommonFolders(client.GetFolders());

    // get IMAP uid of the newest message
    long lastUid = client.GetAll().Last();

    // get message info
    MessageInfo info = client.GetMessageInfoByUID(lastUid);

    // extract Gmail thread ID
    decimal threadId = info.Envelope.GmailThreadId;
    string threadIdAsHex = threadId.ToString("x");

    // create url
    string url = string.Format(



' VB.NET version

Using client As New Imap()
	client.UseBestLogin("", "password")

	' Select 'All Mail' folder
	Dim common As New CommonFolders(client.GetFolders())

	' get IMAP uid of the newest message
	Dim lastUid As Long = client.GetAll().Last()

	' get message info
	Dim info As MessageInfo = client.GetMessageInfoByUID(lastUid)

	' extract Gmail thread ID
	Dim threadId As Decimal = info.Envelope.GmailThreadId
	Dim threadIdAsHex As String = threadId.ToString("x")

	' create url
	Dim url As String = String.Format( _
		"{0}", _


End Using

Here you can find some more information about how to search by X-GM-THRID and all other Gmail IMAP extensions.

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3 Responses to “Create Gmail url-ID via IMAP”

  1. Gmail extensions in Mail.dll Says:

    […] Create Gmail url-ID via IMAP […]

  2. Anders Rune Jensen Says:

    The hexification need to be:

    string threadIdAsHex = threadId.ToString(“x”);

    and not:

    string threadIdAsHex = threadId.ToString(“X”);

  3. Limilabs support Says:

    Thanks – Corrected!
    It seems Gmail doesn’t like upper case letters.


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