How to test email sending?

Nearly every web application these days sends some notifications to its users.

Many times before, I came across people who said that it’s not possible to test such things.
Well, they are wrong!

There is a very cool project on sourceforge called nDumbster:

nDumbster is a simple fake SMTP server designed especially to enable unit testing.

public class SmtpClientTest
    private const int _port = 25;
    private SimpleSmtpServer _smtpServer;

    public void SetUp()
        _smtpServer = SimpleSmtpServer.Start(_port);

    public void TearDown()

    public void SendMessage_SendsMessage()
        Mail.Text("Some tex")
            .Subject("Some subject")
            .From(new MailBox("", "Alice"))
            .To(new MailBox("", "Bob"))

        Assert.AreEqual(1, _smtpServer.ReceivedEmailCount);
        SmtpMessage mail = _smtpServer.ReceivedEmail[0];
        Assert.AreEqual(""Alice" <>", mail.Headers["From"]);
        Assert.AreEqual(""Bob" <>", mail.Headers["To"]);
        Assert.AreEqual("Some subject", mail.Headers["Subject"]);
        Assert.AreEqual("Some text", mail.Body);

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