Mail2World IMAP search ALL bug

Another broken IMAP server.

S: * OK Mail2World IMAP4 Server 2.6 64bit ready
S: 76abb5398bc44413 OK CAPABILITY completed
C: 1d5827aea22047ea LOGIN X Y
S: 1d5827aea22047ea OK LOGIN completed
C: b094a8b36bce4d26 EXAMINE "INBOX"
S: * FLAGS (\Answered \Flagged \Deleted \Seen \Recent)
S: * OK [PERMANENTFLAGS ()] No permanent flags permitted
S: * OK [UNSEEN 0] first unseen
S: * OK [UIDVALIDITY 42389] UIDs are valid
S: b094a8b36bce4d26 OK [READ-ONLY] opened INBOX
C: 95d4bf743ec949dd UID SEARCH ALL
S: 95d4bf743ec949dd BAD UID SEARCH wrong arguments passed.

“UID SEARCH ALL” is a valid IMAP search query, all servers I know (e.g. Gmail, Exchange) support it without any problems. I can’t imagine a simpler search query, than “UID SEARCH ALL”.

I doubt any email program can download anything from this server.

Funny enough such broken commands as: “UID SEARCH 1:* UID” or “UID SEARCH ALL UID” work on this server.

Nevertheless latest version of Mail.dll is smart enough to access this server.

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