Office 365: Basic Auth is disabled

Since October 2022 Basic Auth is by default disabled for IMAP and POP3 in Exchange Online / Office 365. Microsoft recommends using OAuth 2.0. This is not a big problem for Mail.dll email client for .net users as it support OAuth 2.0 in full.

Auth 2.0

You should switch to OAuth 2.0 for authentication purposes:

Daemons/Services: Password grant (MFA/2FA must be turned off for this account):

Daemons/Services: Client credential flow:

Web apps (requires user interaction):

Standalone devices (requires very little interaction):

Desktop apps (requires user interaction):

Re-enable Basic Auth

For some time it was possible to re-enable Basic Auth for IMAP and POP3 for your tenant – it is no longer possible to do that.


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