Office 365: Prevent Basic Auth being disabled

Microsoft will be randomly disabling Basic Auth for some tenants before October 1st 2002, then after October 1 2022, they will disable Basic Auth for IMAP and POP3 regardless of their usage.

For some time it was possible to re-enable Basic Auth for IMAP and POP3 for your tenant –
it is no longer possible to do that anymore.

You can find more details here:

Switch to OAuth 2.0

You should switch to OAuth 2.0 for authentication purposes:

Daemons/Services: Password grant (MFA/2FA must be turned off for this account):

Daemons/Services: Client credential flow:

Web apps (requires user interaction):

Standalone devices (requires very little interaction):

Desktop apps (requires user interaction):

Below steps are deprecated

If you want to opt-out, read the article below:

…or you can go directly to the self-help diagnostic (use your tenant’s Global Admin account):

It’ll bring up the diagnostic in the Microsoft 365 admin center (if you’re a tenant Global Admin).

Hit Run Tests:

….on the next screen you’ll be able to enable Basic Auth for IMAP or POP3:

For accounts that use shared infrastructure you’ll need to run those 2 powershell commands:




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