This is a small fraction of what our clients say about our support and our .NET components:
I've just submitted a purchase requisition to my Purchasing dept to purchase your Mail.dll library. I tested your library and 3 others. By far, your library is the best. It didn't have any of the issues that some of the other libraries had. For instance, 1 library I tested kept crashing when moving mail to another folder. And others did a poor job of stripping html out of email bodies. Your library returned the cleanest plain text from html.
That worked like a charm, my team lead is happy, the customers are happy; support was really quick, helpful and good. If I ever need a Mail component in my next job again, I'll force them to use Limilabs :)
First let me say: great piece of work. I ordered a license of Mail.dll for fetching Mails via IMAP last week and were now looking for a clean solution for sending mails with a smart templating engine when I found a post of you on stackoverflow.com. I took a look and it seems really to be a fantastic solution for sending mails, too.
Thanks again for all your help, we aren’t one to purchase many libraries or code add ons but I’m really glad I convinced my client to go with this library and company because the support has been phenomenal!
I purchased yesterday. Great job on the toolkit too, by the way. It is awesome, easy to use and feature rich!
Gratz on such a great component with excellent samples. Makes my life so much easier :-)
Just bought a license. Mail.dll is an absolutely fantastic email library. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to send or receive emails from .NET applications
I like your product. I should also recognize the excellent technical support you provide; my questions were always promptly answered, and the answers were very helpful every time.
Once again, this is a nice library and I'm glad I bought it.
Mail.dll offers a very compelling set of features at an excellent price, with fantastic technical support. I can recommend it without reservation. -- Mark Richards, Founder & President
I wanted to drop a short note to you to say hi, just bought a license, and thanks for writing and publishing what is so far the best IMAP tool I’ve found. And I’ve installed 4 or so other components from other vendors, played with each of them to see how easy they are to work with, and yours was up and running with my own VS 2005 environment quicker, easier, and better than all the others. Makes me wish I had an FTP type project just to get my hands dirty with one of your other components!
I just discovered your product and have installed the trial version. I must say, I am loving how easy it is to work with. Previously I had been using another product and had to do much of the grunt work your product already does for me!
Let me take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent APIs (I'm using Mail.dll and Ftp.dll).
Bought the Ftp.dll recently, love it
I've purchased your Mail.dll a while ago and I'm very impressed. It works great.
Btw, thanks for creating such a great product - it's really the best email component I've used.
Thank-you very much my developers just tested that code sample and it works well.
P.S. Awesome component we love it!
Thanks for your help. Excellent product. Saved me a lot of time.
Thanks very much for that Pawel, Mail.dll is an excellent product, well worth the cost. Thanks again,
nice job with the Calendar support, that was the main reason why I purchased the component.
Thanks so much! I'm very impressed with the quick response.
Limilabs support is awesome!
Mail.dll is working great for us. We had it working in about ten minutes. Glad we found you guys/gals!
Thanks a lot for your quick answer a saturday morning. the Mail.dll is very easy to use a very powerfull.
Very happy with your company and your product. Thank you.
We are working with Mail.dll component and it's fantastic :D
Thank you very much for your quick reply. I just need the single developer license. Great product by the way!
I have now bought the Mail.dll (great and easy to use!).
Love this library btw and appreciative of the on-going support and updates you have put into it! Great stuff!
Thanks, the library is really very high quality!
Thank you for your patience with my questions. I love your product, and am glad to have found it. Keep up the good work!
You are great! Thanks for the quick response. Yes, it works when I use ConnectSSL(server,port). Thanks again. This is a great DLL !!!
Great jobs on the Mail.dll. many thanks for the hardwork.
Thanks for your quick support and for the great library!
Wow that was fast. Thanks for the excellent support and extremely fast bug fixing :)
Now that's what I call service! Well done Pawel.
Mail.dll as it is one of the only library's that seem to be functioning without bugs.
We are using your Mail.dll since one year and are very happy with it. Thank you for it!
Ok, than it´is clear, thanks a lot! You offer a wonderful tool with Mail.dll!
Well, after discovering your dll (in some codezone community forum, can't remember which) it only took a few hours to implement full pop support. I will not use anything but your dll.
You change is much appreciated, and worked as expected, any idea when you'll do a non-beta release?
Very nice product - it's working very well for me.
This works great. Thank you! I'm glad to see you've found the problem, thank you for fixing it so quickly.
I think that I will buy the new [license] because is really a good component for my work!
Super easy to use compared to others I was struggling with; [...] I will be recommending my client buys the library
Thank you so much for your quick response and changes. Very impressive service. I have downloaded the beta code and the new capabilities work perfectly (and are a much more elegant solution than my workarounds)
I've downloadede a trial version of your Mail component and I'm extremely impressed by the rich feature-set. your library is the best I've found out there
You have a very good library. I've tried several others that just don't work. We own Aspose and none of their versions even work. I think we'll be buying about 6 more licenses.
Hi Pawel, works perfect !! Perfect support! Thanks !!
Great product! I am just starting to test it for using with Gmail integration and it works great. Awesome! Thanks so much for your help! Again, great product!
Thank you so much for the fast response! Limilabs has been a real pleasure to do business with.
And thank you for the mail component as well. It fits exactly my needs.
We are successfully using your .net assembly ftp.dll for transferring video data between our sites in Europe.
TY, very impressed on the support response in both time and completeness.
Thank you very much for this dll. It installed just like you said it would and works just like posted on the web site. Nice job!
Mail.dll is really a nice component and as said by you its very easy to use...
I purchased your Ftp.dll - .NET FTP component last year some time and I love the component BTW I have been playing around with the Mail.dll and its awesome. I will be purchasing it soon.
Thank you for your best service
Thanks for looking into this, I don't trust SmarterMail results as much as yours. Right now your component is the most accurate that I use.
Thanks a lot for your help and generally for this great mail component!
Wow. Thats the fastest response i have ever got. (b4 i cud pick up my cofee mug).
Thank you again for your superb support, I'm happy to provide a reference for your site if you'd like one.
What I liked best about Mail.dll and Ftp.dll is its concise and easy-to-use API.
Thanks man - Mail.dll works perfect, :-) worth every penny.
Thanks a lot for your support. Your support is very very good!!!
Exceptional components: I use both Mail.dll and Barcode.dll and I have integrated them into my software in no time and with excellent results !!! I needed assistance and they were very ready and they explained to me how to solve the problem in a few hours!