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I am trying now to get Bounce result.
But the status and reason field of bounce result are null now when get bounce mail.

Bounce bounce = new Bounce();

BounceResult result = bounce.Examine(email);
if (result.IsDeliveryFailure)

why status and result are null?
Please help me.


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It depends on the message you examine.

The problem is that many bounces don't follow multipart/report, message/delivery-status format. They are just plain text emails. Mail.dll does it's best to process them. However sometimes it is impossible.

There are several reasons that can cause this:

  • Maybe the reason was not provided at all,
  • maybe it is impossible to extract it, because the bounced message is using regular text and not structured data (such as multipart/report, message/delivery-status)
  • or maybe the bounce message is using an unknown format.

If you believe it can be extracted, please send us the raw eml version of this message for examination to the support email address, you can find in this page footer.

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How can I download raw eml?
I think if bounced message is unknown, maybe recipient would also be null.. but just now recipient is not null and reason and status are null...
How should i do?
What do you mean by "if bounced message is unknown"?
if bounced message structure is unknown format, all result would be are null?!
But only recipient is not null now.
No, some information might have bee extracted.