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I try to search messages that came from specific email address, on outlook server.

I use Imap.search().where(Expression.From("test@exemple.com"))

I have in inbox emails from address "test@exemple.com", but this search return a empty list.

I looked on Envelope.From, and there a I have FromAddress field with exactly same text : "test@exemple.com", but in From field is other word not "test" or "exemple.com" or empty string.

Please make this test and you will see the bug.

Wait for a solution.

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There is no such property as 'FromAddress' on any class. What do you mean?

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Searching is always performed on the server.

If the Search method is not returning any data either your search query is incorrect (e.g. misspelled: exemple instead of example?) or the problem is on the server side.

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I do now more test, i I found this:
If I do not use a email (email account where i search)  with alias emails (on outlook) the search return emails ID's.

if I use a email account with alias the search query return nothing.