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My Licensee works fine on my development computer. I am using vb 2013.
When I publish my project and then move my .exe file to my production computer I get the message to purchase the licensee. I believe that I followed all the instructions on you web but it still doesn't work.

Thanks for you help.

What are the values of the LicenseHelper.GetLicenseStatus and LicenseHelper.GetLicensePath? Is the license in the correct place?

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Due to lack of response I assume, that you managed to use the license successfully. Please contact us, if you need some help.

The license should be placed in the run folder of the application, and the user in context of whom the application is running, should have enough permissions to read the file.

You can find all required steps in the after purchase page. Please read it carefully.

In order to verify the license was loaded you can use LicenseHelper.GetLicenseStatus(). To get the exact path programmatically use LicenseHelper.GetLicensePath() method.

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