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We just purchased the Mail.dll program from Limi Labs. I am attempting to use one of their samples to download the messages on our Exchange Server. I works well, however, it is not deleting the message once downloaded. The only Question I have found in this forum ("Don't delete the message...") that deals with this refers to a 'DeleteMessage' method. Where would I find these methods etc.? How would they be used?


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To delete a message using POP3 use Pop3.DeleteMessageByUID or Pop3.DeleteMessageByNumber methods.

You can find many samples here:
Including the sample for deleting an email using POP3:

You can find component documentation in the download package as chm file and online here:

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I have downloaded the chm, however I do not have the data files for the chm so it does me no good.
Chm files are self contained, you don't need any 'data files' for it to work. You may need to unlock it on some systems: https://www.limilabs.com/blog/chm-file-is-not-displayed-correctly
This did not work, however the previous link to the online version did so have stored it with the documentation.
So what happens when you double click on chm file?