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Hello together,
the following html text is used to create an html mail to send a mail to my customers. If i try to create the mailwith the following code:

d= "<body><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<table><tr bgcolor="#66FF66"><td>+ [13.10.2015][15:29:48] Datei 
E:\AA_TestOrdner\Reject\YYYYYYYYYYYYY.csv wird verarbeitet.</td></tr>
<tr bgcolor="#66FF66"><td>+ [13.10.2015][15:29:48] Datei nach 
E:\AA_TestOrdner\Done\XXXXXXXXXXX.csv verschoben.</td></tr></table></body>"

Dim email As IMail = Mail _
            .Html(d)_ ' <- 
            .Subject(dd) _
            .From(New MailBox(MailSender, "Loading Service")) _
            .To(New MailBox(MailInspector, "Loading Service Inspector")) _

If i Try to create, i get the following exception:
The typeinitialisation for "L " has created an exception!

Whats my mistake?
Thank you

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1 Answer

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Does this happen with the latest version?

I've checked and I have no problems creating an email with this html data.

You can donload it here:

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Can you tell what is the latest version of Mail.dll?