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I migrate my project into VS 2015.
After that the license status is invalid. (Invalid = 2)

The file is in application folder, I have the lasted dll.

Please tell me what I'm do wrong.

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License file is loaded from the run folder of your application

What are the values of:

string fileName = Limilabs.Mail.Licensing.LicenseHelper.GetLicensePath();
LicenseStatus status = Limilabs.Mail.Licensing.LicenseHelper.GetLicenseStatus();

Is MailLicense.xml file in the correct folder?

Please remember your application (the user in context of which your application runs) must have at least read access to this folder/file to be able to load
the license.

All license types come with one or two years of support an updates - are you sure that your license is still valid for the latest version?

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My license support expired, that was the problem.
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When we re-downloaded the dll we started getting invalid license errors because our existing license only worked with the old dll.

Just leaving a note for other people who may come across this issue, check if you didn't happen to update the dll to a version that is not supported by your license.

We had to search and revert back to the old dll to stop getting license errors.

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