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Good afternoon!
Please, how do I generate a 'tag' Attendee?.
I am using the code below.

Dim  _Appointment As New Appointment()
Dim  e As [Event] = _Appointment.AddEvent()

 e.Priority = 5
 e.[Class] = EventClass.[Public]

 e.Description = "Babel "
 e.Summary ="Babel  - Nova Versão"
 e.Location = "Piracicaba"

 Dim Data_Start As String =Now().ToString
 e.Start = DateTime.Parse(Data_Start).ToUniversalTime()
 Dim Data_End As String =Now().ToString
 e.[End] = DateTime.Parse(Data_End).ToUniversalTime()

 e.SetOrganizer(New Person("CB", "carlos@w3cbabel.com.br"))                      
 e.AddParticipant(New Participant("CM", "crgberto@gmail.com", _
      ParticipationRole.Required, True))

This is the tag that is not generated!


Apologize for the English, I'm using Google translator
Thank you, Carlos Bertolino

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1 Answer

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Add organizer as a participant:

e.AddParticipant(New Participant("CB", "carlos@w3cbabel.com.br", _
    ParticipationRole.Required, True))
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