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Hello, good day!

Please, because limilabs mail component to read this email understands that there is only one recipient in the CC field

Below the CC field as it is in the text file (.eml).

Cc: fernando.rustice@wolterskluwer.com.br; heverton.gentilim@wolterskluwer.com.br; alessandra.matias@wolterskluwer.com.br; fellipe.borges@wolterskluwer.com.br

That is, when I read this email field component understands how name: "fernando.rustice@wolterskluwer.com.br; heverton.gentilim@wolterskluwer.com.br; alessandra.matias@wolterskluwer.com.br;" and how to address: fellipe.borges@wolterskluwer.com.br

Can you help me please.

Thank you, Carlos Bertolino.


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This is correct behavior - such list should have its items separated by colon ','.

RFC 5322 is clear about that:

mailbox-list = (mailbox *("," mailbox))
address-list = (address *("," address))

This is the only correct way of doing it:

Cc: alice@example.com, bob@example.com, tom@example.com

You can access raw CC header value using the following code:

string cc = mail.Headers["cc"];

However I strongly advise you to not try to parse it, as it is simply an invalid header.

You can read more on how to access To, Cc, Bcc fields here:

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