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I'm using the example for reply a mail but if in the original mail there is an embedded image it disappear in the reply mail.
in the nonVisual of the reply mail ther isn't the image
pls help

Don't create multiple questions regarding the same problem please.

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IMail.Visuals are always copied to the reply.
IMail.NonVisuals are copied only if ReplyBuilder.IncludeAttachments property is set to false.

IMail original = ...    
ReplyBuilder replyBuilder = original.Reply();

replyBuilder.IncludeAttachments = true;

MailBuilder builder = replyBuilder.Reply(new MailBox("me@example.com"));
IMail replied = builder.Create();

As a side note:
Embedded images should be stored as visual elements (Content-Disposition: inline or no Content-Disposition header instead of Content-Disposition: attachment)

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