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Hello, im working on an application in asp.net mvc, and im stucked at download. I did it before with a forms application, but now i dont have a clue how should i do it because emails are not stored yet.

Is it possible to create a download module in mvc?

foreach (MailBox m in email.From)
    fileName = string.Format("" +_folderPath + @"\email_{0}{1}.eml",
    fileName = fileName.Replace(@"\\", @"\");
    File.WriteAllBytes(fileName, eml);

Are there any alternative to do this? Or some documentation where i can start from?


closed with the note: There is no need to specify path, when downloading messages.
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I'm not sure what you mean by 'emails are not stored yet'. If you want to download emails use Imap instance and GetMessageByUID method.
Well, to download messages the mvc need a download path, but im not sure what i need to enter.
I don't understand why you need a path?

Imap class downloads messages from the server, to memory.

You can then write them to disk (although database would be a better place), but that's certainly not necessary to parse them using MailBuilder.