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Hi support,
I'm afraid I detected a bug in your text search, or there is something I can't figure out...
I am using limilabs to automatically detect and preocess undeliverables. To do this, I use:

var undeliverables = client.Search(

Works fine, except as soon as I use

"L'adresse de messagerie que vous avez entrée est introuvable"

as tmpText (I have a list of "undeliverable signature texts" that I check against), I get the ominous "Tried to read a line. Only '' received. Please make sure that antivirus and firewall software are disabled or configured correctly" error.
I guess the "é" doesn't go down well...
And since I do need to handle French texts, this is a real pain...
Can you please fix this, or tell me how I can use extended characted set in Expression.Subject and Expression.Body?
Thank you very much!!!


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I'm afraid that the problem might be your IMAP server.

Searching is always done on the server. Mail.dll only prepares a query. It uses UTF8 whenever needed. The error you get means that after receiving a search query server disconnects or rather stops responding.

You can turn on logging and play with UseEncoding method, but if your server doesn't understand UTF8 while searching they're is not much you can do.

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