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i am using this(MailForWindowsStore.dll) library in Unity3D for windows platform and i am getting this error while trying to create build.

Exception: Data error (cyclic redundancy check). (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070017)
at Windows.Security.Cryptography.Core.CryptographicEngine.Decrypt(CryptographicKey key, IBuffer data, IBuffer iv)
at ? . (String encryptedText)
at ? . (String encrypted)
at .get_Windows1252()
at Limilabs.Client.ClientBase..ctor()
at Limilabs.Client.SMTP.Smtp..ctor()

And here is my code

    using (Smtp smtp = new Smtp())
        smtp.Connect("smtp.gmail.com", 587, true);
        smtp.Login("testmail@gmail.com", "test@123");

        MailBuilder builder = new MailBuilder();
        builder.Text = "text";
        builder.From.Add(new MailBox("testmail@gmail.com"));
        builder.To.Add(new MailBox("someone@gmail.com"));

        MimeData attachment = builder.AddAttachment(capturedFile).Result;
        attachment.ContentType = ContentType.ImageJpeg;

        IMail email = builder.Create();

        ISendMessageResult result = smtp.SendMessage(email);
        if (result.Status == SendMessageStatus.Success)
            // Message was sent.
            Debug.LogError("sent mail successfully");

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Turn off '.NET native tool chain' and check.

In VS this option is on the 'Build' tab in project properties, below 'Platform target'

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First of all thank for the reply, But i am unable to find the .NET native tool chain in project->Properties->Build

I am using VS community 2015
To be honest I don't know how unity works. Does it recompile or merge assemblies?