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Email returned by IMail is returning Body as empty and the attachments have File Name and encoding type as null which errors out while serializing it.

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Please send us the raw eml version of the email you have problems parsing:
You can find the support email address on the bottom of this page.

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Unfortunately without the email in question we're not able to verify or react to this report.

Please note that IMail.Text and IMail.Html may be empty, if they are not specified. MimeData.FileName may be null, if sender doesn't specify it. Use MimeData.SafeFileName if you want the auto generated name in such case.

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I can see the email text when opened in outlook !! What do you mean by Raw eml version? How can I send that to you?

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I send you the link. Please follow it and read it:

It's hard to believe that both IMail.Text and IMail.Html are empty. It is possible, but it doesn't happen very often.

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