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We are evaluating Ftp.dll for a new development. we are hosting our solution in Azure Cloud Service as Worker Role. during the test i am getting below error while running the solution in Azure worker role.

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it :21

the code is running file when i run it in my local development machine. do we need to do anything special to use it in Azure?
success of this test solution is essential before we finalize on this product. could you please help urgently?

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You don't need any additional configuration at least not in the Ftp.dll side.

Make sure your machine is able to see the remote server. Is it available from the internet or is it on local network?

As fast as I know outbound ports are open from Azure.

Are you are that your ftp server has no IP restrictions?

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Thanks for the quick response. The FTP IP is visible from the Azure Worker Role instance; tracert command can identify the IP with DNS. However, I don’t know if there are any IP restriction rules at the FTP end.
Can you try using SSL? Use ConnectSSL instead of Connect.
You were right, the target FTP location has some restrictions about connection.
P.S. We have already procured the license.