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I've been successfully using the ftp client for some time to upload xml payloads. I'm not sure how long it has been going on or if it has ever worked, but trademark symbols are getting garbled. I'm guessing there is some sort of encoding issue (perhaps not coming across UTF8?), but when we upload files manually using a client such as FileZilla, we do not have this issue so I suspect something in the Limilabs config is wrong. I am using Ftp.Upload with a Byte Array. When debugging, I can read ftp.Extensions.SupportsUTF8 but the value is false. I am not sure what that property represents as the server itself certainly supports UTF8 - not sure if this is even the right track. Anyone have anything helpful to offer?

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If Ftp.SupportsUTF8 is false your server doesn't support UTF8 extension. It specifies if server understands UTF8 in commands and text/ascii transfers.

Ftp.dll transfers all files as raw bytes, no text encoding is performed.

Unless you explicitly specify Ftp.TransfersDataType property, binary mode is used for all transfers, which tells server to treat data as binary stream, not text.

Most likely you incorrectly create the byte array you pass to Ftp.Upload method.

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