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When i download a file as follows.

ftpClient.Progress += FtpClient_DownloadProgress;
ftpClient.Download(fileToDownload.Name, destination);

In the progress event handler is see that the percentage is exposed. What is the best way to know when the download or upload is 100% complete?

Obviously in the FtpClient_DownloadProgress event handler i have access to the percentage but how can i access this outside of the handler i see there is not property on the ftpClient object ?

Should i create another thread etc ?

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If you want to track progress you need to subscribe to Progress event, they're is no other way. Remember to subscribe to the event before you start file download/upload.

When transfer finishes, Upload/Download method simply exits.

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So then is the Download method synchronous? So as soon as it exists the method the upload/download is completed.
The reason i'm asking is because after i've uploaded a file i move the local file but i am told it is being used by another process or is locked. So i was thinking it was the FtpUpload method that wasn't finished with the file.
Yes, it is synchronous. File is always correctly closed and its handle is disposed when it finishes.