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I created a EAN128-Barcode (10)123456(15)161231 and saved it to a bmp-file. If i open this bmp-file with IrfanView, everything looks like it should - but if i open this bmp-file with my Microsoft-NAVISION it won´t work. With other software created bmp-files works and there are no problems until now.

When i compare your and my bmp-files binary i can see that you have a lot of special characters like this " █├ª ┤éF ­µ " inside.

Any idea?

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It is not possible for bitmaps generated by Barcode.dll to be invalid.

Bmp files are binary files. Talking about characters in terms of binary files makes no sense.

Try using other file format - like png - if Navision is unable to open those files.

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