"Unrecognized authentication type" when calling UseBestLogin

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Limilabs.Client.SMTP.SmtpResponseException: Unrecognized authentication type
   at Limilabs.Client.SMTP.Smtp. (String user, String password)
   at Limilabs.Client.SMTP.Smtp.UseBestLogin(String user, String password)
   at EmailReceiver.EmailProcessor.SendMessage(EmailInboxSettings settings, IList`1 recipients, String subject, String body)

What are possible causes and solutions?


asked Mar 2 by manvlad (200 points)
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1 Answer

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1) There is a good chance your SMTP server doesn't require authentication at all.
Simply comment-out the UseBestLogin line and check.

// client.UseBestLogin("user", "pass");

2) Make sure you use default port for submitting emails (587) not port 25.
Use Connect method without specifying port.

client.UseBestLogin("user", "pass");

3) Try using SSL (ConnectSSL):

client.UseBestLogin("user", "pass");

4) Turn on logging:

answered Mar 2 by Limilabs support (200,970 points)