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Hi, i found this problem today:

i'm trying to send mails through your Limilabs lib, and i want to implement the 'request read receipt' function. I do it in this way

MailBuilder builder = new MailBuilder();
builder.AddCustomHeader("Return-Receipt-To", "");

It WORKS, but not always (not for all receivers). For example, in some webmails the request get displayed, in some doesen't.
If receiving mails with Outlook, it does not work again.

asked Mar 10 by Fabio

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Use MailBuilder.RequestReadReceipt method:

MailBuilder builder = new MailBuilder();

It adds 3 email headers: Disposition-Notification-To, Return-Receipt-To, X-Confirm-Reading-To, and uses ReplyTo property (Reply-To email header) to fill them.

Please note that, read receipt requests may not always be honored because:

  • Email client may not recognize the special
    Disposition-Notification-To header;
  • Email client may not implement that functionality;
  • End user may have that functionality turned off;
  • End user may optionally not choose to send one for your particular email;
answered Mar 10 by Limilabs support (200,970 points)