Move the e-mail another folder [closed]

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I'm trying to move a e-mail to folder afther I make the download of attached.
I'm using te code below, but the email not move to folder.

For Each uid As Long In uids
    'Download and parse each message.
    Dim email As IMail = New MailBuilder() _

    'move o email para a pasta
    imap.MoveByUID(uid, "Encaminada") 

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closed with the note: Not enough information.
asked Mar 13 by Carlos Carvalho (350 points)
closed Mar 14 by Limilabs support
Are you getting any exception? Are you using Gmail? What does the log say:
Carlos, I'll have to close the question - there is not enough information. Please take a look at my note above and try answering those questions - we'll be happy to help you then.