[AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Authentication failed.

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i i try to connect with imap
This method work


but when i use

  imap.Login(serverInUsername, serverInPassword)

with correct username and password

It give me tis error:

Mail.dll Information: 0 : 12 10:04:53 S: 699fb17a163145f2 NO [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Authentication failed.
'Limilabs.Client.IMAP.ImapResponseException' in Mail.dll
asked Apr 4 by Gianfilippo

1 Answer

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Please use:

imap.UseBestLogin(serverInUsername, serverInPassword)

instead of:

imap.Login(serverInUsername, serverInPassword)

AUTHENTICATIONFAILED means that Authentication failed for some reason on which the IMAP server is unwilling to elaborate. Typically, this includes "unknown user" and "bad password". Please make sure the password is correct.

answered Apr 4 by Limilabs support (200,970 points)