HTML code of an MSG e-mail is read incorrectly

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HTML code of an MSG e-mail is read incorrectly.
With some Msg mails it comes to that umlauts like ä ü ö are not correctly decdiert. In Outlook, you are displayed correctly.

asked Apr 7 by anonymous

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Are you sure that resulting html doesn't include charset info?

Please contact us directly with the msg file.
You can find our email address on the bottom of this page.

Make sure you save html data to file using raw bytes:

IMail email = ...;
File.WriteAllBytes("c:\\body.html", email.HtmlData.Data);
answered Apr 7 by Limilabs support (200,970 points)
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I can not send an e-mail, because I have the confirmation from the server "Diagnostic information for administrators:
Generating server:
# <# 5.0.0 smtp; Your email to group what is the reason for spam classification. To address this issue: * Contact the owner of the group, who can choose to enable the message moderation instead of bouncing these emails. * Set up SPF records for your sending domain if you have not done so already. "# SMTP #" ".