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After updating to the latest version of the Mail.dll available via nuget, our license is being erroneously reported as 'invalid'.

I've created a simple program that does nothing up validate the license:
var fileName = LicenseHelper.GetLicensePath();
var status = LicenseHelper.GetLicenseStatus();

        Console.WriteLine($"License Path: {fileName}");
        Console.WriteLine($"License Status: {status}");

With the latest stable version 3.0.17023.1443 the license comes back as Invalid.
With the previous version 3.0.16292.1158 it is reported as valid.

The license was purchased on 1/19/2016. I see no mention of versioning in the license terms, only that 'support' will only be offered a year after purchase. I'm assuming that, since this latest version was released more than a year after our purchase, the license will no longer support this, or future, versions. Is this correct?

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License is valid for all component versions released during the support period. It won't work for versions released after the support expiration.

However it will work for lifetime with the previous versions.

Please contact us directly with your order number and we'll check.
You can find support email address in the page footer.

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