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I am trying to send an email with embedded png Image.

But it works only for Gmail. Its shows file not found icon on other mail service like outlook and zimbra.

I tried everything described in the given link.

Please help.
Thank you


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MailBuilder.AddVisual method works always. It modifies email structure, it is not dependent, in any way, on the server you use for email sending nor receiving.

Are you sure, that you haven't configured your Outlook in such way that it doesn't show pictures?

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I faced the problem in outlook web application and Zimbra's mail web application too. If I manually include image and send it to these services, then it works completely fine. But if i use Mail dll to send embed image, as mentioned in the instuctions,it doesnot work for others but gmail only.

And also, the instruction in the link from my question uses
builder.AddVisual. Not, IMail.AddVisual. Is that causing the issue?
Typo was fixed.
The problem must be with your HTML. Without entire code and the HTML you use it's really hard to tell what's wrong.

Different clients may handle HTML differently. If you have email that works - simply recreate it using the same working HTML.