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the idea was to have the attachment also inline in the table

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Is this also possible?


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What do you mean by inline?
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No, it is not possible.

Unless those are links to external server, email doesn't offer such feature.

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e.x. Outlook itself is able to do so, but I Need to Change the Format of the mail to RichText. I assume tat the tool is "only" able to handle HTML Mails and therefore this is not possibe to accomplish with the tool?

Maybe it's possible to add a HTML Link to the CID of a attachment within a template? ("This is my <a href=\"cid:" + atch.ContentId + "\">file</a>")


You can create any MIME document with Mail.dll, you can use RTF content if you want (MailBuilder.Rtf property).

However I doubt that it will be handled as you want by every email client there is. What happens if you send such email from Outlook to Gmail? Does it look good in Gmail?

The global consensus seem to be to use attachments as all would expect: on the attachment list, not inside email body.

To be honest, I don't know how email clients would react on cid in "a href=" attribute. I would expect many of them block such HTML, as users could be tricked in doing something they don't want. But as, I said, I simply don't know.