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Currently we are embedding image links, that when downloaded let our server know that someone has opened the email. We can even pass userId in source url for image so that we can track particular user has opened the email.

Problem is, some of the mail clients (for example: outlook.office.com) block the images so tracking the email is not always possible this way.

Does mail.dll provide any way that can help me with what I am trying to do? I just want to know how efficient my email campaign is. Also I would like to know if certain links in the email are clicked.

I have made a few research and have not found any methods. So it would be great if someone at the limilabs support could answer my query.

Thank you.

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There are no standardized ways of checking if an email was read by the recipient.

The only ones that are supported by email protocols are read receipts ( https://www.limilabs.com/blog/requesting-read-receipt ), and those can be turned off on the client same as downloading images from remote websites can.

There is no way to check with 100% reliability, if recipient opened your email.

What you are doing (downloading images) is the most common and most reliable I know of.

Also I would like to know if certain links in the email are clicked.

Generate and use links that contain tracking information:

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Track the email once it is mark as read