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Please suggest how we can verify that email address is TLS enabled or not using your webservice.

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Mohit Sharma


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Email address and TLS are two separate things.

Email address represents mailbox on the server.
TLS is a protocol that secures connection to the server.

Generally to connect to the server you need to know server address, port, and if TLS/SSL is used explicitly:

From a DNS perspective you have SRV DNS records which allow the use of DNS for publishing services and service discovery.

If you are looking for some more advanced auto-configuration feature:

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Hi Team,

Thanks for the reply!!
But my requirement is like i need to verify emails at client side that selected email is TLS checked or not. If checked yes than it's fine but if no then i need to do so some business tasks.

Please check this link. https://www.checktls.com/TestReceiver

Please suggest how i can use your service as like above.
What exactly do you mean by "email is TLS checked"?