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Actually we develop one application in visual studio 2010 using open pop3 dll we are getting email but not getting all emails from my inbox. so when we use this one then can we get all emails from my emails and can it work on online from anywhere and for anyone.

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Your question seem quite broad. It's much easier to answer more specific questions.

Mail.dll's only requirements are :.net framework or .net core installed and working network connection. Please note that your app needs to have enough permissions to open socket connection to the email server.

IMAP and POP3 are standard protocols and Mail.dll supports both of them fully. It was tested against all major email providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, QQ and major server software like Exchange, Dovecot, hMailServer.

As always we strongly advise using IMAP instead of POP3 - it's simply easier to work with.

You can find many samples showing how to download emails, parse and process them here:

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