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The bounce examination return only information about the failed mail.

Previous version have a result information which contain some information usefull
Like "IsDeliveryFailure" Which was true if is bounce (Success or failed).
This class can be used with checking other values are empty, that mean success else is failed.

Now, we can know it's a bounce only when it's failed.
There is a way to get examination return the list of BounceResult when success with a "IsDeliveryFailure" which get info if is a delivery failure or not ?

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ExamineAll returns result only for failed reports (Action == Delayed || Action == Failed).

What kind of messages do you want to recognize?
Can you copy here a sample report that you want to be processed differently?

If the message contains proper report you can also analyze email's delivery statuses:

var list = email.DeliveryStatuses;
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The mail received is this mail:
This is the mail system at host smtp.domain.tld.

Your message was successfully delivered to the destination(s)
listed below. If the message was delivered to mailbox you will
receive no further notifications. Otherwise you may still receive
notifications of mail delivery errors from other systems.

                   The mail system

<mail@domain.tld>: delivery via idmx03.domain.tld[]:25: 250 Ok:
    queued as 1D0181080093

What I want, it's to know than _mail@domain.tld_ has successfully received my email, Or not received at all.
I want to be able to keep a trace about the status of the mail and update my list of email with the last status received (Like "Unknow", "Failed" or "Success")
Can you examine this email's delivery statuses:  
var list = email.DeliveryStatuses;
Does it have the information you need?
Yes !
Perfect thank you.