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we are having issues connecting to an IMAP server using the limilab library.
The administrator of the server is returning the following information.
Do you know how we should use the library to connect using this method?

"We are able to test and connect if you put in the command before login, then the Postfix/Dovecot server does indeed accept the login behavior. Is it possible for your dev team to adjust the login method to use the RandomStringID like “a” or something else to start with?

We think this is why the “old” Postfix/Dovecot server doesn’t accept the logins from your online service."

Thank you very much in advanc

they are logging in this way:

telnet 143

OK Dovecot ready. 
a LOGIN postfixovtest1 
a OK Logged in.

where "a" is the random string.

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I'm sorry, but I don't really understand what the problem is.

What does he mean by:
"put in the command before login"
"RandomStringID like “a” or something"?

Maybe consider using SSL connections?

You can gather Mail.dll logs:

and forward that to the administrator.

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'a' in this example is a command tag. It is used to pair IMAP client request with server response.

Those are IMAP protocol basics. Obviously Mail.dll does this.
It uses 8 character long unique identifier, for each command.

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