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While using template how to format the inner object used in HTML?

I want below formate can I archive it.

From: jatin patel jatin.patel@chrchillliving.com
Sent: Thusday, june 6, 2019 1:33 PM


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I need to revise my answer: you can specify format string after the colon:

On [Date:yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm]

If you want to use specific format, expose a string property in your model, that returns date formatted according to your needs and use this property in your template.

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In formate, we are using Original. Date, So May I know what is Original? can we use other class object instead of this? how?
'Original' refers to the original email in reply templates.
Same way can we convert Name='Jatin Patel' Address='patel.jatin@silvertouch.com' to 'Jatin Patel' <patel.jatin@silvertouch.com>
I think you can use .Address and .Name properties.
Yes, Very true. Thanks
I tried,[Original.From.Address],  also tried [Original.To[0].Address] as it is an array but it does not work for me.
Both From and To are collections, use foreach to iterate:

    [foreach To] [Name] [end]
It is working for me thanks.