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We are evaluating your great Mail.dll product and we are wondering if we requiere a license to use it in our production environment. We are a private organization (non software nor IT sector) with an IT department developing an in-house application, a typical line of business application (departmental application), used by our staff as end users. We will not distribute the application nor your Maill.dll component as is an internal application developed, operated, supported and consumed in the same organization by the organization's staff. We are not a provider or a business partner that uses this application to provide products, services or support to other organizations or clients, we use it for internal data processing.

Do we need to purchase a license for this usage scenario or can we use the trial version? It's more about our (complex) internal purchasing procedure than the license cost itself.

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Yes, you need to purchase a license.

We accept payments via Share*It, PayPal and direct wire transfer.

Please let us know if you require pro-forma invoice.

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