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We use mail.dll to connect to O365:
and then imap.Login...
According the latest Microsoft news:
Basic Authentication for Exchange Web Services (EWS) API for Office 365 will be decommissioned.

So my question is: "should we still use imap.Login to login O365 IMAP, or will you provide another way to authentificate to O365 OAuth 2.0? "


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According Microsoft email announce:

Beginning October 13, 2020, we will retire Basic Authentication for EWS, EAS, IMAP, POP and RPS to access Exchange Online. Note: this change does not impact SMTP AUTH.

So it will apply to IMAP also.
But thanks for info and samples for OAuth.
Hello, in the provided samples for imap imap.LoginOAUTH2 is used. Unfortenatully, I cannot find something similar for POP3. Is there a way to use OAuth with POP3?
This feature is already implemented and will be added in the next release in October 2019.