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We experiment somes problems with our mail currently,
All our mail send through limilabs are flagged as Spam
but not the same mail with the same content and the same attachment send through the .NET System.Net.Mail.

The only difference we seen in the two mails is:
The .NET mail has html body converted in Base64
The Mail.dll mail hasn't.

So we are looking how to automatically do it.

I seen about attachment (https://www.limilabs.com/qa/926/how-send-an-email-using-encoding-base64) but for us is the html body.

Thank you !

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You can do this after IMail instance is created:

MailBuilder builder = new MailBuilder();
builder.Html = "<strong>hello</strong>";

IMail email = builder.Create();

email.HtmlData.ContentTransferEncoding = MimeEncoding.Base64;
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