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I should update several sub directories (recursively) starting from one folder from my HD. So, I should to use Uploadfiles() specifying local folder and remore folder and use recursion. This is clear, but I don't understand how to use BatchProgressEvent. I have a progress bar to monitor upload, but I should to initialize this progress bar with start value and end value, and perform a step. But the step is for each file or for each folder or for the entire folders group?. Do you have a sample for this? because the total transferred bytes are inside the BatchProgressEvent as parameter, and I don't understand
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BatchProgressEvent is raised for every file within the current batch operation.

BatchProgressEvent is raised before the transfer operation, for each file.

It contains following properties:

CurrentFile = Name of the file currently being transferred within a batch operation.

TotalFilesTransferred = Total files already transferred.

TotalFilesToTransfer = Total files to transfer.

Percentage = TotalFilesTransferred / TotalFilesToTransfer

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