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We have 10 computers that people just use and print using the PAK application does that require company wide "developer" license because none of them are making changes to the program itself or developing anything. If I purchase one developer license will it come with a xml barcode.dll license that can be put on all the 10 users computers.

I believe that just one developer maybe two. I want to get ride of the water mark and the pop up reminder that comes up every ten minutes on the "user side" of the application we have two sites that use the Press Any Key program when I install a new machine I get the PAK app off a server and install it.

There is a liscense.xml file in the folder but it never works. I want a new license that I can push to all the existing installed PAK applications in use. What do I need to buy?

How many developers developed the application?

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You need to purchase the license for each of those developers.

Who sold you this application (this PAK application), as this is not our product?
Why it was sold without proper licenses for the components it uses?

Barcode.dll doesn't use a file called "license.xml" for any purposes.

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