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How to work with multithread for mail.dll? I always get error like this when fetching the data
"Limilabs.Client.ServerException: 'The Write method cannot be called when another write operation is pending.'"

I try to debug and the first method that cause the error
It looks like GetBodyStructureByUID() not build for async, can you help me which method or workaround can be used for running fetch in multi thread?

// Bad code - do not use

await Task.Run(() =>
List<BodyStructure> structures = Imap.GetBodyStructureByUID(NewEmailHeaderIdList);

string text = string.Empty;
string html = string.Empty;

if (structure.Text != null)
   text = Imap.GetTextByUID(structure.Text);
if (structure.Html != null)
   html = Imap.GetTextByUID(structure.Html);
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This has nothing to do with async.

Underneath the Imap class (client) is a single connection to an IMAP server.
You can not write to a single connection from many threads at once - that would result in complete garbage being sent to server.

Now, if you are asking "Does IMAP support multiple connections"?
The answer to that is: yes it does.

You can created several threads and several Imap classes and use them simultaneously.

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Thank you for your fast response.
Sorry, I don't know that get email body(GetBodyStructureByUID) requires write on server.

If I only create desktop mail client for single user to login their email, then I don't need several thread calling several imap. This case only for multiple user to fetch their email simultaneously. Is my understanding correct?
Correct. You could use multiple clients for a single account, for example downloading each folder separately, but in most cases that makes no sense.