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I am the user of your MAil.dll with order number XXXXXXX.

Generally, I am very satisfied with your application and thank you for it.

Some of my problems and questions are:
I am reading my messages from the e-mail address with the source code below.

However, when I want to read it again, the messages do not come. Also, I am doing the deletion (which you understand from the source code) but it does not delete the message and it still remains on Gmail. How do I overcome the problem?

Dim builder As New MailBuilder()

For Each uid As String In Pop3.GetAll()
    MsgBox("uid=" + uid)
    Dim email As IMail = builder.CreateFromEml(
    MsgBox("Email Subject=" + email.Subject)
    MsgBox("Email Text=" + email.Text)

    MsgBox("mesaj silindi")



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What you are seeing are features of POP3 protocol (especially Gmail's implementation).

Here's a detailed description of how Gmail's work when using POP3:

Generally once message is deleted from POP3 it disappears from POP3.
In most cases it is not deleted from the server.

Consider switching to IMAP protocol.

It gives you greater control over your emails.
You can access emails in different folders, copy or move messages between folders, mark messages seen/unseen and more.

Here's how to delete email permanently from Gmail using IMAP.

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