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If I send an email that contains 2 email addresses in the to group. The second email becomes a bcc.

Why and how do I prevent this from happening.

I'm using 3.21134.1059)

Thank you
Kendrew Peacey

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It is not possible for Mail.dll to move email address from IMail.To collection to IMail.Bcc collection.

When sending an email, all addresses are extracted from To, Cc and Bcc collections. Groups (MailGroup instances) are processed recursively.

Then when the email is sent, 'BCC:' email header is simply not rendered.

Consider turning on logging to see client-server SMTP communication:

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From the log it looks like the email is indeed created correctly;

Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
MIME-Version: 1.0
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2021 08:29:03 -0600
Message-ID: <cc1c5acf-fb01-4a29-933f-cf8cfa4f846f@mail.dll>
Subject: Subject for TestSendEmailAllParametersMultipleTos at 6/25/2021
 8:28:44 AM
From: <support@csdpcorp.com>
To: "ToGroup":<kendrew.peacey@csdpcorp.com>

So I will now continue to dig to see where the second email is getting changed to a bcc.

Looking at the sample you provided it seems the header is not rendered correctly. There should be a comma between emails inside the group. It looks like a bug in Mail.dll.

We'll investigate and let you know shortly.
The latest beta includes the fix.

It is stable - please test.
Afternoon - thank you. I tested and it looks good.

I Appreciate the quick response.
Morning Folks,

When can we expect the version that fixes this issue in a production release?

By the end of this week.
New version includes the fix: