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I have an ASP website in production using mail.dll 3.0.20308.1141 that occasionally overwrites email subjects with the "please purchase" message when reading from an EML, it has the license file, always has, none of my other applications that use mail.dll seem to have this problem.
Is it possible that the license check only fails under some conditions? is there something i can do to avoid this? (checking the license before making use of any mail functions sounds like unnecessary overhead)

thanks in advance.


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This is not possible. Once checked and validated the license status stays valid.

You can use following code to check the status at startup, and throw immediately, if the status is not valid:

using Limilabs.Mail.Licensing;


LicenseStatus status = LicenseHelper.GetLicenseStatus();
if (status != LicenseStatus.Valid)
   throw new Exception($"License is not valid: {status}.");
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