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We have multiple applications running but recently we have started to encounter the issue where the mail.dll acts as unlicensed for one of the application and replaces the email subject to "Please Purchase..." .

Given below screenshot shows that the location of MailLicense.XML is correct and the License Status is valid. Is there any scenario where mail.dll may act as unlicensed?

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Most common cause is that you are looking at the wrong application, and it is a different app that has the license file incorrectly applied.

License status can't change once it is loaded and Valid.

If you have, the following code at startup:

LicenseStatus status = LicenseHelper.GetLicenseStatus();
if (status != Limilabs.Licensing.LicenseStatus.Valid)
    throw new Exception($"License is not valid: {status}.");

...at the very beginning of your program (not in some configuration method), you can be sure license will be valid.

Consider also turning on logging:

If the license status is not valid:

Copy the xml license file to the run folder of your application (root folder in case of web apps).
You can check the exact path using LicenseHelper.GetLicensePath() helper method.

You can find more details here:

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