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Getting below error when try to login using pop.connect method


Error: logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.
I can able to login directly to outlook.office365.com portal.
I am using mail.dll demo versions for implementation.


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There are several ways to log in:

User/Primary password (MFA must be turned off for the account).

Remember to turn IMAP, POP3 on:

User/Application password when MFA is turned on.


Remember to turn IMAP, POP3 on, as in 1.

One of several OAuth flows.

User initiated:

OAuth 2.0 password grant:

Remember to turn IMAP, POP3 on, as in 1.

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I’ve tried all of the steps and still facing the same issue
You need to be more specific. Which scenario you try to accomplish? I suggest using App passwords.

You can contact us directly - you can find support email in the footer.
I did 1 and 2 both ways and getting same issue for imap and pop3
We'd need more details to help you: screen-shots, your code, do you have MFA turned on?), otherwise I suggest contacting your server administrator for help.

I've just check and have no problems connecting and authenticating - both using app passwords and primary password.

Please contact us directly - you can find our support email in the page footer.