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Following the steps from:

When I executed this code:

var account = (await app.GetAccountsAsync()).FirstOrDefault(); 

The account is always null what is the main problem?

In addition, this is the code that initiates the "app" variable:

var app = PublicClientApplicationBuilder

// This allows saving access/refresh tokens to some storage
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GetAccountsAsync returns all the available accounts in the user token cache for the application. It's obvious it will return empty collection on first run.

In the sample mentioned there is a very simplistic cache implementation provided: TokenCacheHelper. It stores the cache on disk in the "msalcache.bin3" file.
You can view contents of this file to check what is saved in it.

There is a chance that you delete this file when compiling the app.

Please note that most likely you should store this cache in an encrypted form in some kind of a database. Consider using MSAL token serialization implementations available here:


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We are not MSAL .NET support. Have in mind that AcquireTokenInteractive creates a new browser window or displays a login dialog (depending on the configuration) - your application must not be a web app for example.
I think there is a WithLoginHint method, that lets you specify which account to use. Member will see a choose account dialog otherwise.

As far as I know Multitenant + Personal works for all flows (desktop, web, device).
Hello, good day.
do you have a sample using the "[x] Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant) and personal Microsoft accounts" with an acquired method to get token?

The code is exactly the same. The only difference is


instead of:

if so why does the desktop flow use the AcquireTokenInteractive
what settings do I need to make it work?
AcquireTokenInteractive is not working on my end.

I have tried the login hint as well but still not working.
Desktop flow uses AcquireTokenInteractive - that is correct.
I don't really understand your problem.
Are you developing a desktop app? What technology are you using?

I believe you should ask a new question to be honest.
Please note that AcquireTokenInteractive is part of MSAL .NET - Microsoft library.